Alice in Nappyland

Official tumblr for the natural hair care/beauty/fitness Smörgåsbord known as Alice in Nappyland. Tips and tricks for natural hair care and beauty enthusiasts ballin on a budget or bathin in Benjamins. Oh and puppies. Lots of puppies. Because puppies are cool. And some fandom. Because why not.

I know a lot about sunblock. A lot. Between growing up near beaches, playing outdoor summer and fall sports for most of my life, a photosensitive sibling (henceforth PS) and the fact I tan so easily, I have owned and used a freakish amount of sunblock and know way too much about how it works and what doesn’t work for different skin types and situations. I tell EVERYONE to wear sunblock because everyone can benefit from it. And don’t come at me with that “Black don’t crack so I don’t have to worry about that sun aging my pretty face” nonsense because you can still get melanoma which is more fatal in African-American/Black populations. Does not dying motivate you to take that extra step in the morning?  

And since it’s officially summertime, let’s talk about my favorite!